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filmmaking student preparing herself to become an incredible art director. this blog consists mainly of gay consulting detectives and wannabe kings and queens. she likes to express herself through drawing and writing.
no need to be formal, just call me teh.

+ credits to professionalblunder for the image above.
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if you give kids zero restrictions they’ll become the nicest fucking kids ever who never do drugs or get into trouble i know because my parents let me do nothing but eat chicken nuggets all day and read hentai until 4am and i am a straight A student 

Seriously though this seems to be the case with a ton of people I know, if you don’t restrict them all the time they actually do better and are mentally healthier


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You’ll do this again. Time is a flat circle. 

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on the other hand, my brother keeps up the good work of behaving like a spoiled douchebag 

not only does he not

  1. do the dishes
  2. do the laundry
  3. clean the house

but he also leaves me to do it

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sometimes i forget about the mother i have

i posted on facebook “i feel like dying my hair blue, pink or purple again” 

and my mom posted “violet!!!!” and linked to a picture of when i had violet hair

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i literally said that gatiss compared molly to a wallpaper 

how can anyone think this is a good thing

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please sherlolly shippers that are following me: i’m definitely not a sherlolly shipper

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