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filmmaking student preparing herself to become an incredible art director. this blog consists mainly of gay consulting detectives and wannabe kings and queens. she likes to express herself through drawing and writing.
no need to be formal, just call me teh.

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I always want to create my own kind of beauty” - Eiko Ishioka (1938-2012)

Eiko Ishioka born on July 12th, 1938, was a Japanese art director and costume/graphic designer who started her film career with the Paul Schrader’s 1985 film “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters” […].
Soon later, legendary director, Francis Ford Coppola, collaborated with her in the Japanese release poster of his 1979 film “Apocalypse Now”. This initial collaboration led to the later role as costume designer for Coppola’s 1992 film “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, for which Ishioka won her first Academy Award. With the success of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, Ishioka’s works caught the attention of Indian director, Tarsem Singh, who has chosen to use Ishioka’s skills in his debut film “The Cell” released in 2000. Although the critical reception was mixed, the costume design was praised across the board. This had the led to the eventual collaboration with 3 other Singh’s films: 2006’s “The Fall”, 2011’s “Immortals” and 2012’s “Mirror Mirror”, which was her last film production.
The final film, “Mirror Mirror”, was met with mostly negative criticism from both critics and audiences alike, but Ishioka’s work was nominated for an Academy Award. […] She worked hard until her untimely death on January 21, 2012.
After her death, the Modern Museum of Art and various museum around the work have installed her works into their permanent collection.
There is no doubt that Ishioka’s work is astounding and has captured the eyes of the millions watching her films and commercials. Stepping foot into cinema history, she has become one of the most iconic and notable figures in fashion and entertainment.[x]
The character of Mary Morstan was removed from the stories in which she originally features: nothing ought to get in between Holmes and Watson. She would have got in the way. Watson was more in love with Holmes - in a pure sense - than he could have been with a woman.

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D’awwww. I need to try writing some ACD inspired fic.

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Always reblog for those that may have missed this wisdom.

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despite being a true johnlock shipper i honestly do not believe it will happen unless it’s the last season

i don’t think they’d do anything too drastic just yet - the audience still needs more convincing that they are to be in a potential romantic relationship

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i just discovered that a couple of people hate me since i beat them at a cosplay competition in 2009/2010

like they literally talk badly of me to this day

i have never been so proud

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